1 Heart At a Time

Every Day in America

The American teen culture scene is often viewed as teens just hanging out with friends at the movies or going to the mall, having fun. Although this may be true sometimes, for the most part this is often just an image.  

Most young people believe they are invincible, and the reality is that they are putting themselves and their lives at risk each time they make a negative choice.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that “At-Risk” kids live in low-income neighborhoods or are of a certain ethnic background. Our nation’s statistics say something quite different.

135,000 carry guns or weapons to school

4,219 contract sexually transmitted diseases

3,610 are assaulted; 80 are raped

2,200 drop out of high school

1,106 get abortions

1,000 unwed teens become mothers

500 adolescents begin using drugs

6 teens a day commit suicide

Our youth do possess the power to make positive choices,no matter what their personal circumstances are!