About Us

We strive to build a bridge between what our society and education system offer in order for our youth to succeed.

Our mentors are enthusiastically dedicated to their success and are honored to play a positive role in the lives of our future leaders.

Here at 1 Heart at a Time, we devote ourselves to what we feel is the single most important task of our time: developing the youth of today, as they will soon be young adults and become the decision-makers of our Nation’s future.

Our youth and teenagers do possess the power to make positive choices, no matter what their personal circumstances are. It is our mission to educate and guide them in a positive direction.

The key to 1 Heart at a Time is that our program is unique in that both the student and the mentor participate in our intensive, growth-focused workshops, fostering a bond between student and mentor.


Our teens transform into young adults who have confidence, determination and self-awareness and all members are valued, heard and acknowledged.